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Feb. 7th, 2009

So Jeff had a really bad day at work. I found this in the discount bin at Publix and figured if it didn't make him feel better, it would make me feel amazing

I know I need to sweep. It's mostly catnipCollapse )


The best cat in the world turns 13 today, which officially makes her THE OLDEST CAT anyone in my immediate family has ever had, and also a grumpy little old lady. Awww.

I'm going to the store later to pick up her birthday present (SHHH IT IS SURPRISE!) and some wet food and treats and catnip. I just have to find a way to lure her off that shark. There will surely be an epic picture post later (ONCE HER GIFT ARRIVES) (if she will leave the shark) (maybe just more pictures of her on the shark.) and maybe some mushy "I love my cat" nonsense that likes to happen on days like today.

Really. I love that cat. Like seriously. For real.


This made me feel better

If you think you hear Paul McCartney, you probably do. He wrote the frog song. Also, barn owls and black cats are awesome, even when they're evil.

I'm going to this tomorrow


and I haven't made my sign yet. Or Jeff's. I haven't even figured out what I'm putting on my sign. Hm

Anyways, you should go. If I see you there, I will love you forever.


I haven't posted anything political in a while. Not since the election, especially. We all know what happened, and I'm not going to repeat it. I have some things to say, though. About other things.

As some of you may know, way out in California, a proposition was passed. Proposition 2. It would allow laying hens enough room in their pens to fully extend their wings. It was something I would have voted for had I lived in California. It is something that I would have not likely really researched much beforehand, as I don't consume eggs in the first place, and it doesn't make a difference to me how much they cost. I was a little shocked that this one went through, with the obvious knowledge that the price of eggs would go up. Boredom drove me to look a little further into this. What arguments were Californian farmers giving for voting no? My discoveries were enlightening.

Californian farmers argued that passing this proposition would not improve conditions for chickens, but would in fact, make them worse. The price of California eggs would increase, and people would sooner buy cheaper eggs from factory farms in other countries and states. It would do nothing but put farms in California out of business and encourage the growth of farms in places where there were not as many regulations.

People voted in favor of giving hens enough room to fully extend their wings, but the passing of this proposition won't mean a thing unless these same people are willing to pay the extra money for California eggs. Most farmers predict that they won't...as do I. But wouldn't it be something if they did? If the people actually put some degree of thought behind the purchases they made? If we spent less on digital entertainment and video games and theme park vacations and put those extra dollars into making sure our day to day purchases were as ethical as possible? If we put half of that money into helping others? If we all spent an hour a week...ONE hour every WEEK into feeding the homeless, finding a dog a home, feeding a feral cat colony, visiting the elderly, reading to a child in a low income school, standing in a median at a protest with a sign...reading a pamphlet handed to you by some activist acting for something and actually considering what it said...what kind of difference would it make if we all, as a rule, set aside an hour a week to do something for somebody else?

A lot of people worked hard during this election. A lot of people worked hard to see this happen. I'm hearing people say that racism is no longer an issue, and I'm watching people celebrate the fact that work is done. I am seeing people eagerly awaiting change. I am frustrated...because that change won't happen without people working for it...and I'm not talking about the government, and I'm not talking about Barack Obama.

When things go wrong, we need to be out on the streets yelling about it. When people are hungry, we need to find the time to feed them. When people are being abused, we need to find the courage to stand up. If we believe in something enough to spend hours campaigning, or even just seconds voting, we need to follow through.

I do not ask right now, this is a demand. For those of you who would have voted yes on proposition 2, I demand, if you really believe that hens deserve the right to fully extend their wings, I demand that  you go out of your way as often as possible to buy California eggs. I demand that when you're standing in the aisle at your local supermarket, that you think about the lives that were given so that you can have your eggs, and to think about just what those lives mean to you. The change happens when people start supporting ethical farming practices, and each and every one of you can be that change. This applies to more than just eggs.

If you're not willing to be the change, you don't deserve to have the change. I could quote Gandhi, but you all already know that bit, don't you?

Stop hoping. Go do something. Like, now.
Myrrh gets spayed tomorrow.
This means no breakfast.

Poor little kitten. I'm unrealistically worried about this...you know, considering the number of spay surgeries I've put cats through in my lifetime.
Anyways, wish her luck and all

repulsor rays!

I watched Iron Man again today.

 I guess it's kind of like this:

lot dog

The Orlando Weekly (a weeky free paper published here in Orlando) recently put out this article regarding Bear the Billis Auto dog (who I mentioned here about two months ago


if you don't wanna follow the link...Collapse )
I'm kinda glad it was written, really. Generally, people have no idea how difficult it is to get an abused animal removed from a bad situation in this city. I'm sure this sort of behavior is pretty much standard everywhere.

Here's Dr. Cannon's blog regarding the situation

It's got some pretty graphic pictures of injured dogs on the auto lot property and the conditions they are kept in, so be aware. He links to some video interviews with Billis, himself, and a witness.
This is the original news article
It has all the same videos, if you want to watch them without having to see photos of dead dogs.

Aug. 13th, 2008

I stayed awake for nearly 40 hours yesterday (and the day before? woah.) Woke up today at 6 pm and made an epic stirfry. Also purchased some gluten free coconut milk cookie dough ice cream that is beautiful and wonderful and delicious oh my god. I also have enough tickets to the Smashing Pumpkins show next friday, and I am satisfied and I'm going and since I'm not paying for it, I might buy some merch. Fascinating!

Seeing whatever project Billy Corgan is involved in whenever he comes to Florida is kind of like taking a shit. I have to do it, I have no choice, and I always leave feeling very satisfied....but it's probably kind of gross.

Anyways, aside from bagging Pumpkins tickets, I also went to to shelter. A red kitten got his collar stuck on his tooth somehow and ripped his tooth out. When I found him, his collar was stuck in his mouth (it was still connected behind his head, his mouth was stuck open) and he was covered in blood. I cut off the collar (they're paper collars, so they kinda just glue together) He started purring and trying to cuddle immediately...but ew, covered in blood. We pulled someone in to get the kitten a vet check, as he had bled all over himself. The person who came to grab him immediately grabbed him by the scruff, I said "No, he's fine, he's not really freaked out, he's actually a really friendly cat" and she ignored me, lifted him by the scruff, and held him one armed by the scruff with her arm extended from her body while the kitten kicked and flailed and she said "Does this look fine? Does this look calm?"

No dumbass, he's freaking out because you're dangling him an arms length away from you by the skin on his neck. Jesus.

Later that day, a woman brought in a litter of kittens that the mother cat rejected after she peeled their newborn, undeveloped eyes open hours after they were born. She then tried to adopt a yorkie and was denied.

At some point, Jeff comendeered my insurance card and set up a doctor's appointment for me. We also bought a cat tree, and I'm now 4 years in cancer remission. The cat tree is taller than I am and right next to the computers. All three cats are asleep on it now.